UI/UX Design

Ontada is an oncology technology and insights business dedicated to transforming the fight against cancer; McKesson was gearing up to launch ontada when I was given the task of working with McKesson's lead UX designer to help with UX and spearhead the design to create an accessible, functional, new website for the launch. Throughout the process I worked directly with the clients, digital team, and development team. Ontada was launched in 2020.

Responsivity of the ontada website

Here is an initial sketch and the final product of the "Reach, Results, Resources" feature on the homepage.

One of the solutions I had to provide was an elegant and simple way to present the news/event filter for users to search.

This long-form image is the homepage design as-passed to the development team for launch. Other page designs supplied on request.

This section was designed in the ceros WYSIWYG cloud-based platform. I designed section and interactivity and passed off the embed code to the development team to implement it into the final ontada website.


Blowing Bubbles. Berlin, Germany. Travis Brown. October 2012.

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